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As educators we will all work together with families, students, and the community to help students be successful in their education. We pledge to go the extra mile to help our students succeed in their technology courses and encourage them to go beyond their expectations. We the educators will initiate instructional settings to promote higher education in today’s technology. Educators will be dedicated and sensitive to all students, families, and community. We also pledge to enact “Leave No Child Behind” and instill the value of education. We pledge to teach all students the procedures, hardware, and software needed to succeed in today’s technology. We will provide a secure and safe environment to learn and grow. 

Objective 1:
Teachers will have to possess the knowledge to teach in an instructional setting to enhance the learners’ outcome in technology.

Objective 2:
Teachers will employ up-to-date programs to instill in the learners curriculum and be successful in the instructional setting.

Teachers must be up-to-date with all new technology software and be able to implement the software in a fashionable manner. Teachers need to be kept updated of all software. They will need to know how to implement the software to certain areas of the academic curriculum.

The instructor will need to know how to detect a students weakness and how to correct their insufficiency in the knowledge of technology in order for students to be successful in their goals and objectives of academic studies.        

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