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Articles on Technology
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Technology in the Classroom Offers Children Many Opportunities

Today technology is an every important aspect in everyday life even in the simplest ways such as, playing a C.D. player, tape recorder, even a V.C.R., or your bank account these are just the tip of the iceberg of technology mentioned. Just imagine of all the items that has to do with technology that effect our daily lives. Now imagine if nobody was taught about technology in schools. How would we manage with our daily affairs dealing with technology. Technology being integrated in schools offers more opportunities and advantages to teachers, students, and the community. Another way of viewing technology in schools is it brings an opportunity to teachers and students to learn and have a better communication among themselves. Teachers can plan their lesson plans on computers which as proven to be easier and less time consuming. The advantage the students have is they learn more about technology which is an importance in the world today. Since teachers have more time to teach students have the teachers undivided attention to learn more of what they do not understand. This is one of the reasons, Falfurrias ISD offers computers in the classrooms.





The Importance of Technology in the Academics of Math and Science


Studies have shown that students who have strong math and science academic studies who also have a good knowledge of technology are more likely to have high tech jobs. Studies also suggest that educators should not forget to set a strong groundwork for math and science. Educators should combine the world of technology and the foundation of math and science to the students for students can benefit from both the traditional and technology education. By combining both these aspects students will advance in high-tech jobs.

The Future

In today’s world technology plays an important part in the job world. It is the new wave of businesses. Teachers, students, and the community need to learn about all there is to know about technology especially because it is always changing. Teachers, students, and the community need to be kept up-to-date about technology. This is why schools need to be integrated with technology. Falfurrias ISD plans to teach their students all they can about computers and their programs to better educate the students. Falfurrias ISD wants their students to succeed in the job world. Falfurrias ISD knows how important it is for students to learn because of businesses seeking people for employment that know about computers and the programs. Technology is the way of the future.