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Falfurrias ISD

Staff Employed

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Staff Employed
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Pre-K Teachers 3
Kindergarten Teachers 8
Elementary Teachers 54
Elementary Counselors 1
Middle/High School Teachers 55
Middle/High School Counselors 3
Librarians 4

Falfurrias School District offers up to date technology courses to all the students, parents, and teachers. We are glad to offer these services ast our school district so students, parents, and teachers can learn the new wave of technology. We hope it enhances all who wants to learn the knowledge of computers. We hope this will get parents involved with their children in their academic studies. We are offering parents to learn about technology for they can help their children and won't feel intimidated if they do not know aboout computers. Also, to help parents be knowledgable about computers and use it in their work place if needed. Teachers are also invited to learn so they are updated with all the new software that they need to their students.     

Students will learn how to work with computers with confidence since in today's society computers are used world wide. Parents will benefit because they will learn about today's technology and updated with the new software. Teachers benefit by learning all the new updated software and teaching their students with confidence and pride. 

Types of programs being offered:
  • Macromedia Flash Platform
  • Operating Systems Programs
  • Application Programs
  • Web Surfing 

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